Packaging Your Sample

Packaging Do's & Do not's

Choosing Packaging

South Africa is a large country. Your sample may be handled many times by many different hands before it gets to CannaLab. Please ensure for your benefit that you use a bubble padded envelope or small box to package your sample in is the correct size for the sample amount you are sending. Choose a packaging that has enough room for your sample and some protective packaging.  Also try and package biomass samples items into smaller boxes (preferably double-walled boxes). Don’t overload your package.  Rather ensure their is space around your sample in the package.

Cushioing the Sample

Whatever packaging is used, ensure there is enough cushioning material around the sample/s so they don’t move if the envelope or box is shaken or bumped. This is to ensure trichomes stay intact.  A recommendation is to cushion with at least 5-8 centimetres of packaging material all around the sample container.  Cushioning is very important to stop shock from the outside, passing through to the sample causing damage. The US transport standard is that all samples are packaged to withstand a one metre drop. Proper closure of the sample package is essential for secure, safe transportation. Use a ‘wide’ pressure sensitive plastic tape (this can be purchased from storage or packaging companies). Do not use masking tape, Scotch tape, duct tape or string. When taping the sample packaging, ensure you go all the way around and along the seals (particularly for re-used packaging) to stop the sample container opening during transit.

Packaging Your Sample

If you are sending us your sample from in  South Africa (maybe another state) with our couruer company, your samples may be loaded and unloaded anywhere from 4-15 times in and out of up to 5 different trucks or rail containers. Hence it is extremely important to package your samples well for the rigorous journey that they are about to take. We strongly advise that your sample package goes into a bubble padded envelope or small box, sealed from odour leakage and breakage. Each sample must be accompanied by a signed Chain of Custody letter to ensure transporting is legal within South Africa. 

Sample Container

Sample container must be free on contaminants. Try use a sterile container or sealed bag. The principle of a three-layer system should be followed.

A three-layer system comprises of the following elements:

  • First layer: a leak-proof receptacle (avoid glass containers, sterile sealed plastic bags can be used);
  • Second layer: a leak-proof container e.g. plastic container or water-tight plastic bag;
  • Third layer: a bubble padded envelope of adequate strength for its capacity, mass and intended use e.g. packaging bubble padded envelope or cardboard box.

Padding is essential when using a box to occupy free space, e.g. paper towels, shredded news paper in sufficient quantities to absorb shock between the first and second layers.

Samples submitted to the laboratory across boundaries must be accompanied by the applicable transport permits. All personnel involved in the packaging, labelling and shipping of sample cannabis materials must be appropriately trained, certified, competent and knowledgeable of the relevant national, regional and international regulations.

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