Total Cannabis Profile

R 420
  • Terpenoids
  • Cannabinoids
  • Flavonoids
What is a Total Cannabis Profile?

One Test for Cannabinoids, Terpenoids and Flavonoids

CannaLab analyse cannabis flower and trimmings. CannaLab tested products are trusted to meet label claims! 

We understand the importance of cannabis product testing for growers, producers, patients and consumers. 

We aim to empower people to live healthier lives by verifying what you inhale, drink or eat,
whether recreational or medicinal.

How it Works?

We apply what we’ve learned to help you better manage the development, deployment and tracking of cannabis-related brands or products.

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Total Profile 1

R 420
  • Terpenoids
  • Cannabinoids
  • Flavonoids
  • 1 x Strain

Total Profile 2

R 795
  • Terpenoids
  • Cannabinoids
  • Flavonoids
  • 2 x Stains

Total Profile 3

R 1000
  • Terpenoids
  • Cannabinoids
  • Flavonoids
  • 3 x Strains

About Us

CannaLab is a private consulting analysis laboratory, providing cannabis testing services to the people: patients, caregivers, consumers, clinicians, producers, farmers, breeders, researchers, extractors and product developers.
Authorities and scholars alike are coming to an understanding that cannabis is a valuable commodity and resource and could possibly be a key economic driver for South Africa, which in turn creates a need for the cannabis industry to be formalised. Standards play a vital, though largely invisible role in formalising the cannabis industry. The need for community and national standards will ensure that all cannabis products available in South Africa – from raw flower to manufactured products – are safe for consumers and that product label claims are factual.


A small sampling of some of the therapeutic effects of Cannabinoids:

Acronym Cannabinoid Therapeutic Effect
Controls Anxiety
Tetrahydrocannabinol Acid
Slows Inflammation
Suppresses muscle spasms and convulsions
Stimulates bone growth
Eases nausea


Cannabis is rich in many beneficial compounds including flavonoids. It is estimated that up to 10% of the cannabis plant compounds are flavonoids with up to almost 3% by weight in dried leaves and buds. The list of flavonoids in cannabis depends on which strains are being examined and the color of the plants.


CannaLab aim to answer the age-old questions;

“How will this make me feel?”
“What symptoms will it help me relieve?”
“Is this product safe for me to use?”
“What dosage am I ingesting?”

The CannaLab results presented, gives you a Total Cannabis Profile analysis for Cannabinoids, Terpenoids, and Flavonoids. An overview of the potency of your strain/product, whether for recreational or medicinal use. These tests can be carried out on trimmings and or flower. Results are presented in a percentage per mass for the total sample.


A short list of Terpenoids and their therapeutic effect:

Terpanoid Therapeutic Effect
Anti-Anxiety, Anti-depression, Anti-tumor, Antiseptic, Anti-stress, Immunostimulant, Antimicrobial
Sleep Aid, Anti-Anxiety, Sedative, Bronchodilator, Anticonvulsant, Stress reliever, Anti-epileptic, anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory
Anti-tumor, Anti-fungal, Anti-cancer, Anti-spasm, Sedative, Aids insomnia, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Muscle relaxant, Allows THC to take effect quickly, Couch Lock Effect
Sleep aid, anti-anxiety, Sedative, Anti Bachterial, Pain Reliever, Anticonvulsant, Stress Reliever, Anti-Apileptic, Analgesic
Anti-tumor, Anti-fungal, Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Muscle Relaxant
Anti-Tumor, Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Appetite Suppressor
Caryophyllene Oxide
Anti-fungal, pain reliever, Anti-ischemic, Anti-inflammatory

Initial dosage for the first week: 0 MG CBD. This is the preferred dosage of most users for the selection you have made. It is recommended to start with this dosage and spread the intake throughout the day with each meal. If there is no improvement in symptoms, the next dosage recommendation can be applied below.

Follow-up dosage after initial dosage did not improve symptoms: 0 MG CBD. It is recommended to spread the dosage throughout the day with each meal. This dosage is the permanent dosage for many users. If there is no improvement of symptoms, the next dosage recommendation can be applied.

Follow-up dosage if symptoms did not improve: 0 MG CBD.

This dosage should be applied after about 3 weeks if symptoms still have not improved. It is recommended to take the CBD throughout the day with each meal.

Female scientist in a laboratory watering a marijuana plant. Healthcare pharmacy from medical cannabis. There is a medical marijuana plant on the table.
Why CannaLab matters to you!
Accurate Prediction

This total cannabis profile is then matched with our extensive database providing you with an accurate prediction of how this cannabis will make you feel and what symptoms it can potentially relieve.

Testing Services

CannaLab gives you the ability to test your cannabis potency (% THC), analyse other cannabinoids (such as CBD and CBN) as well as 30+ terpenes, providing you with a Total Cannabis Profile.

40,000+ Data Points

CannaLab has a dataset of 40,000+ data points that leverage four classes of data and algorithms:

International Lab Data

When partener laboratories within the program test cannabis, they submit data, which is maintained by HIPAA. (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

User Feedback

Provided by users internationally as they try various products and record their experiences with those products.

Chemical Composition Data

This information is sourced from a number of inputs including the partner laboratoires analyses, and branded pre-tested concentrates and edibles.

Cannabis Benefit Factor (CBF)

CannaLab leverages this data, which we at CannaLab refer to as the Cannabis Benefit Factor (CBF), combined with our proprietary algorithms, to develop key insights into user behavior based on unique chemical profiles.

Cannalab Algorithms

Our proprietary algorithms are used to develop key insights into user behavior and chemical profiles: Provides exact chemical compositions for a feeling or relief. Predicts how a strain will make you feel or what ailment it will relieve . Offers recommendations based on usage, feelings desired or ailments alleviated and adjusts according to data feedback

Usage Statistics

We attempt to capture type, frequency, dosage, ailments relieved, and side effects.


CannaLab is an independent analysis laboratory focused on the South African cannabis industry.

Cannabis dealers are “Acting” as doctors Most dealers have: NO medical training NO clinical experience, and very little knowledge about cannabis.
Owners and operators of CannaLab are the highly-specialized, experienced, and advocates in cannabis policy and education. Beyond their years of experience in cannabis, their backgrounds make them more than qualified to manage a testing laboratory and to provide accurate and timely results.
Chemical composition of Flower-based Marijuana Varies Significantly. Patients don’t really know what they’re buying, despite a given brand name. The net physiological effects differ per person and are rarely tracked.
CannaLab helps to Bridge Relationship Gap Between You and Your Customers Assists with Feedback to Respond to Changing Market Trends Helps you to Build a Brand at a Low Cost/ Barrier to Entry
Potential Impact Patients are not getting the care they need Patients may be exacerbating symptoms Producer’s could potentially be held liable
Why that matters: Because with medical cannabis, they are offering relief for ailments without any knowledge of the product’s chemical properties or resulting net physiological effects.
CannaLab collaborates with global teams of experts in the cannabis industry including lab owners and directors, chemists, environmental specialists, technicians, cultivators, producers and others who believe in providing accurate analysis results to our community to ensure safe consumption and production.
Cultivators, patients, consumers and producers need and want information about the cannabis products they’re producing and consuming. The best option is an independent, private laboratory dedicated to providing quality results for those outside of a regulated market.

Responsible Companies Testing Products

Total Cannabis Profile

The CannaLab result information will give you a Total Cannabis Profile tests for Cannabinoids, Terpenoids, and Flavonoids. The Total Cannabis Profile gives you an overview of the potency of your strain/product, whether for recreational or medical use. This test can be done on flower and trimmings.
Our results are presented in a percentage per mass for your total product.
A Total Cannabis Profile can only be done on flowers and trimmings. CannaLab only provides a potency test and does not test for metals or pesticides.

Note: Please DO NOT send cannabis from the field without drying it first. It will mould by the time it arrives in our hands. Fresh cannabis samples should be be dried or cured before preparing for collection. CannaLab does not offer a service on time required to dry samples and would delay test results, incurring additional charge. Make sure the name of the sample is correct, legible and accompanied by the ‘chain of custody‘, letter. That’s the information that will go onto the results report. Please do not send infused oils, topicals or tinctures as CannaLab is not set up to isolate per mg dose from these products. CannaLab specialise in flower and trim, and due to this are able to offer fast turn around and accurately calibrated, dedicated analysis.

Your queries matter to us!

Questions & Answers

The CannaLab team is here to help. We’re dedicated to providing information, our customers can use to make informed decisions about their farm, their business, their process, their health.

CannaLab uses 2 generations of patented tech, Thermo Chromatography with Photodiode Arrays, developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and used by NASA. In simple terms our equipment acts like an electronic nose that is able to detect molecules in vapour. The sample is analysed using a gas flow system that supports the chemical release process and exposes the chemicals that are present. CannaLab equipment is connected via cloud synchronisation to our partner providers, ensuring calibration is in line with California State Law and the Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA).  


Our adherence to rigorous methodological standards provides the most accurate results obtainable; however, the precision of the result is always tied to the quality of the sample provided.

As a consulting lab, we are dedicated to providing information our clients can use. We provide testing services with easy-to-read results, and we let you know what those results mean. We will not report results to anyone other than our customer. Your information and results are private.

CannaLab tests for the Total Chemical Profile of the plant and correlates that with feelings, or your symptoms, so you can find a strain profile that works for you. We hope CannaLab will help cancer patients track strains that have been shown to suppress tumor cell growth, relieve pain and increase energy. We also hope that we can help patients identify strains that have been shown to alleviate stress and anxiety for insomnia sufferers. The list is long, to learn more, please our Blog.

CannaLabs has partnered with the a courier service to make your life simpler. Our Courier is a last-mile delivery service that focuses on 100% visibility and accountability of each individual sample. They will come to you and collect. Let our courier collect your samples for CannaLab Analysis, safely and anonymously.

Our typical turn-around time is within 48 hours from receipt of the package.  Additional rush charges apply for faster turn around.

Payment is due when applying for our service online. We accept EFT, credit/debit cards. Bulk discounts can be arranged, coupon discounts and seasonal specials may apply.

The vision includes a plan for CannaLab to be your friendly knowledge companion, along the South African journey to legalizing medical and recreational cannabis. The ultimate goal is for the canna community to understand exactly what and how much of each component they are putting in their bodies as the cannabis industry begins its journey toward legalization and regulation.

To insure the accuracy of testing we discard all used disposable sample containers after each use. Cleaning and reusing the inserts will compromise test results.

At this time the disposable test container inserts are made of lab grade polypropylene and can be recycled like any other polypropylene plastic. They are not biodegradable. We are evaluating other designs for the future.

California became the first state in the US to allow medicinal cannabis use when voters passed the Compassionate Use Act in 1996. Today, cannabis is legal in California for both medicinal and adult (recreational) use. The cannabis industry is strictly regulated in California, whereas is in  South Africa no standard have been set out. As a lab aiming to give accurate results, we strongly believe that CannaLab must use the California high standards, ensure accurate data is maintained between our US partner and ourselves, standardisation plays a huge roll in our goal. All the strain info that is generated in South Africa by CannaLab is entered into the Global Cannabis Health database, ensuring strains, health benefits and all related data is shared and retained. (We will never share our clients personal details.) California standards are CannaLabs measuring stick in a manner of speaking.

Best Bud – 3  grams

It is what it says it is. Pick your best bud, at least 3 grams, dried and cured the way you would consume it, and submit it for testing.

Plant Average – 6 grams

Take several small samples from the top, middle and bottom of the plant, as well as from all sides. Make sure they are dried and cured to the level at which you would use them. Grind them, mix together well, and submit at least 6 to 8 grams from that homogenised sample batch.

Crop Average – 18 grams

Take several small samples from plants that are the best representation of your crop. Make sure they are dried and cured to the level at which you would use them. Grind them, mix together well, and submit at least 18 to 20 grams from that homogenised sample batch.

Biomass – 36 grams

Take multiple samples from throughout the batch or bag. Take samples not only from the top but also from several spots in the middle. Grind and homogenise it in the same way it will be processed and submit 36 to 40 grams from that homogenised sample batch.

We offer consulting services to help you understand more about your cultivation, extraction and formulation, or to answer other questions about labs and testing. We love helping our clients solve problems!



Through our parent company, Smarterthinking, we consult on various business issues from opening an analytical lab or establishing good manufacturing procedures to advocating for good public policy or bringing a product to market.

Been there. Done that.

Our team of professionals really knows what they’re talking about. They’ve been deep in the trenches of the cannabis space for years, working on policy and regulations, setting up laboratory procedures, building relationships with agencies and organizations, and developing a vast understanding of the industry along the way. If you want to work with experts with real-world knowledge and experience, people who have walked the walk and talked the talk, this is your team.

  • Testing strategy and test results
  • Cultivation and sustainability practices
  • Extraction
  • Product formulation
  • Processes and procedures
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Private-nonprofit partnerships
  • Consumer behavior
  • Education and messaging

  • Cannabis policy advising, specializing in medical
  • Working with governmental agencies
  • Local and national regulatory structure
  • Expert testimony
  • Science and policy
  • Education and messaging

  • Third-party testing and validation
  • Evidence review
  • Case strategy
  • Expert testimony
  • Science and research
  • Consumer/patient needs and behavior
  • Cultivation and extraction practices.

  • Cannabis laboratory analytics, practices and regulations
  • Cannabis and child welfare
  • Medical Cannabis on probation
  • Medical Cannabis in schools
  • Cannabis and Stress
  • Cannabis research

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